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Barn Beams & Timber

  • Meet our Mantle Artist

    Meet our Mantle Artist


  • Where Our Reclaimed Wood Comes From

    Where Our Reclaimed Wood Comes From

    Reclaimed wood has a longer and more interesting story than most other wood products. Because of this, customers frequently ask us, “Where does your reclaimed wood come from?” This is a difficult question to answer, though, as each piece of Reclaimed Antique wood is unique and its origin varies.


  • Our Defecting Process - An Olde Wood Advantage

    Our Defecting Process - An Olde Wood Advantage

    Often what determines the quality of wide plank flooring or reclaimed wood products is the manufacturing process and standards behind them. Olde Wood takes many steps to remove any product defects to ensure our customers are receiving the best materials. Learn about a few of the steps we take in this article.


  • Olde Wood

    Olde Wood "Unlimited" Web Series - Intro to Wide Plank Flooring and Reclaimed Woods

    Take a look the first video in our new web series, Olde Wood Unlimited! Through this web series, we want to give you an inside look at our company and how we provide our customers with the best wide plank flooring and reclaimed wood building materials. Learn about the characteristics of our engineered flooring in our first video, and what qualities make it a lifetime floor. Stay tuned in the next few weeks to learn more about our company, products, and processes!


  • Project Spotlight - Lower Level Remodel with Reclaimed Hardwoods

    Project Spotlight - Lower Level Remodel with Reclaimed Hardwoods

    See how a lower level remodel can be transformed with reclaimed hardwoods. This project has it all, including a custom Reclaimed Antique Historic Plank ceiling treatment, hand-hewn beams and a fireplace mantel, and wooden vents.


  • How They Hewed It

    How They Hewed It

    When agricultural and industrial buildings were built in the 18th and 19th centuries, they relied on hand-hewn beams for structural support. This is the story of how the craftsman carefully turned trees into those beams.


  • Hewn to Last - The Story Behind the Beam

    Hewn to Last - The Story Behind the Beam

    One of the most recognizable ways the mystique of the American barn is incorporated into interior design is through the use of reclaimed beams. Their size, shape, and texture present a three-dimensional display of history that demands attention by jutting into the foreground of a space. Not surprisingly, the story behind these beams is as fascinating and antiquated as their appearance suggests.