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Old Tick Licker
by Olde Wood

Old Tick Licker

Long before Daniel Boone blazed the Wilderness Road to Kentucky or fought in the Revolutionary War, he was given a very important gift. A gift that would help shape himself and his legend, and a gift that he in turn would use to shape the United States. When Boone was only twelve years old, he was given his first Pennsylvania Long Rifle. The legendary frontier firearm would become like another appendage to the boy.

Depending on where you are from, the rifle might be called the Pennsylvania or Kentucky Long Rifle. The weapon was made from a bar of soft iron that was bored and rifled by hand into the signature long barrel, and its rock-hard stock was hewn by hand out of the Maple wood from early America's virgin forests.

Boone used his Long Rifle to explore the vast forests of America's unsettled lands and blaze the Wilderness Road that would soon be followed by thousands of settlers and frontiersman from the East into Kentucky. Later, he used the rifle to fight the British in the Revolutionary War.

The stories of what happened when Boone raised that Maple stock to his cheek grew to become the stuff of legend. Boone himself spurred the legend on a bit, giving his Long Rifle the name "Old Tick Licker." His implied claim was that he could shoot a tick off an animal without causing it any harm.

From dropping a charging bear with a single shot to dispatching a Red Coat from 300 yards away, Boone and his rifle will forever be a part of the American frontier.