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Antique Reclaimed Box Beams

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Antique Reclaimed Box Beams


Our reclaimed antique box beams are made from authentic hand-hewn or rough sawn beams harvested from centuries-old agricultural structures and historic factories from America’s heartland. The original unique marks in each piece show the time and effort that went into creating them so long ago. Olde Wood Limited®’s antique reclaimed box beams are made by hand and the timbers used to make them are meticulously selected to create the focal point of any project. Every piece will be custom cut and made, surface denailed and kiln-dried to ensure stability and longevity of beauty.

True beauty earned with age. Each piece is individually inspected and graded to ensure durability, preservation and long life. A variety of color options also assure a tasteful pairing with any residential, commercial, or retail project.


    ––> NOMINAL 6” X 6” (ID - Nominal 5” depth x 4” width)
    ––> NOMINAL 8” X 8” (ID - Nominal 7” depth x 6” width)
    ––> NOMINAL 10” X 10” (ID - Nominal 9” depth x 8” width)
    LENGTHS: 60", 96", 120", 144"
    STANDARD PREPARATION: Surface De-nailed & defected
    ––> Kiln dried (for interior use)
    ––> Pad Sanded
    ––> Ends not 100% square (additional fitment required at job site)
    ––> Mortise pockets & peg holes to be expected
    AVAILABLE FINISH: Light pad sand (unfinished, standard), Wax Finish (see finish options on page 2 of specifications sheet)
    FEATURES: Natural hand-hewing marks (hand hewn box beams), saw marks (rough sawn box beams), rough sides, weathered surface, nail holes, color variation.

    LENGTH & WIDTH VARIANCE: It is necessary for us to include material overage to ensure the desired length is shipped. When this happens, the extra material will be shipped in-tact and charged accordingly.
    KILN DRYING: We are able to kiln dry timbers up to 20' in length.
    PLEASE NOTE: Box Beams are priced by the linear foot (LF). The species used to create our Box Beams is based on the wood that was used to build the structure. So in layman's terms, we are using what the farmer used to build his barn.