Antique Factory Plank


Antique Factory Plank

As the nation expanded at the turn of the last century, thousands of factories and warehouses were built. It’s from these examples of early Americana that Olde Wood Limited reclaimed the hardwood plants for its new product line. These planks, mostly maple, reflect the generations of workers who walked upon them. Each board retains a nostaglic blend of original wear marks and a warm patina that reflects and honors this history. Antique Factory Plank flooring proudly displays America’s heritage of hard work and integrity and adds a historic element that can be treasured in newer commercial spaces.

Distinctives of Antique Factory Plank Flooring

Our Antique Factory Plank flooring retains much of it’s natural character from many years of use while retaining it’s original strength and showcasing a new type of beauty. Nail holes, finish residue, scuffs and natural discoloration mix together with wild grain patterns to create a unique flooring choice perfect for high traffic or commerical spaces.

Solid Flooring Specifications

WIDTHS: 2-1/2"
LENGTHS: 2' to 8'
THICKNESS: 3/8", 1/2"
AVAILABLE FINISH: Unfinished, UV Pre-finished, Natural Oil Pre-Finished
SURFACE + CUSTOM OPTIONS: Wire Brushing, Beveled Edge, Hand-Scraping, Same Width Planks, End Matching up to 10"
MILLING PROFILE: Tongue and Groove, Precision Milled
FSC STATUS: 100% Recycled (certification by request)


Engineered Flooring Specifications

This product is offered as an engineered option by request and special pricing only. Please call for details.

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