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Installation - NWFA Introduction

NWFA Guidelines Introduction and Notice


The National Wood Flooring Association assumes no responsibility and accepts no liability for the principles or techniques contained in these guidelines/methods.

These guidelines/methods for the installation and sand & finish of wood flooring were developed by the NWFA Technical Publications Committee, using reliable installation principles, with research of all available wood flooring installation data and in consultation with leading industry authorities. The methods are not intended to apply to unrelated wood floor issues absent in a causal connection.

While every effort has been made to produce accurate and generally accepted guidelines, the principles and practices described in this publication are not universal requirements. The recommendations in this publication are directed at the North American market in general, and therefore may not necessarily reflect the most accepted industry practices in your geographic area. Some installation methods and materials may not be suitable in some geographic areas because of local trade practices, climatic conditions or construction methods. All wood flooring installations must conform to local building codes, ordinances, trade practices and climatic conditions.

In addition, manufacturers' recommendations for installation and sand & finish of specific products should always supersede the recommendations contained in this publication.

It is recommended that all wood flooring products be installed in accordance with the NWFA Installation Guidelines and all applicable manufacturer guidelines by an NWFACP Certified Installer, NWFA Member, or equivalent.


The National Wood Flooring Association would like to gratefully acknowledge assistance with information for these guidelines/ methods by the following:

  • Hardwood Plywood Veneer Association –
  • Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association –
  • American Plywood Association –