Have a Barn, Structure or Salvaged Wood to Sell?

We are always looking for sources of reclaimed and salvaged timber materials. Olde Wood Limited works with several barn dismantling and salvaging companies in the Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia regions and are always looking for new sources of century-old barn wood, industrial timbers and salvaged wooden beams. We use quality building materials to produce our reclaimed flooring and potential sources of this wood includes century-old barns, factories built in the early 1900's, old warehouse, wood mills or school houses.

If you have, or know of, a potential source for this material please email Chris Franks at The Barnwood Company to arrange an appraisal or quote. Chris can be reached at

Required items to include in your email are:

  1. Description of material or structure to be sold. (Species, beam size, materials used, etc.)
  2. Location of barn, building or salvaged material.
  3. Timeframe of desired removal or availability.
  4. Photos of Interior/Exterior of structure.

(Barns and structures located within Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia and West Virginia will be considered first.)

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